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Transmissions are an integral part of your vehicle’s powertrain. If you suspect any problems with your transmission, call Danny’s Transmission in Hamilton, Ontario for professional diagnostics.

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When you’re in a jam, call Danny’s Transmission at 905-525-5323 for fast reliable and honourable service.

Peace of Mind When Your Transmission Needs Fixing

If you’re worried about the cost to repair your transmission – it’s important to call a professional who can diagnose the problem, fairly and objectively.

Since 1960, Danny’s Transmission has been the choice for transmission repair and service in Hamilton, Ontario. We are the team you can trust when it comes to diagnosing, as well as the team you can rely on to get the job done right!

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Since 1960, Danny’s Transmission has been providing excellent, courteous and professional transmission...


Danny’s Transmission Service, in Hamilton, Ontario, proudly services all vehicle makes and...

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Contact Danny’s Transmission Service for a quote today on your vehicle’s auto repair and transmission....


Honest, Courteous Transmission Service in Hamilton

Since 1960, Danny’s Transmission has been providing excellent, courteous and professional transmission service in Hamilton, Ontario. We are a local team of transmission experts who have seen it all, heard it all, and more importantly – fixed it all.

At Danny’s we pride ourselves on our honesty and reliability. Nothing is worse than not knowing what’s wrong with your vehicle and hoping that your mechanic doesn’t “take you for a ride.” We are based on honesty and offering clients the service we would expect from a professional. Our team will diagnose the problem and provide you the right solution. It’s that simple.

Are You Guessing What’s Wrong With Your Vehicle?

Find out what is causing that whining noise, or puddle of fluid under your vehicle. Maybe your shifter is loose or noisy, or you have absolutely no power. Danny’s Transmission is the expert when it comes to diagnosing problems accurately. We get to the root of the problem, offering the best solution to remedy it.

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Stop guessing what is going on with your vehicle and call Danny’s Transmission Service. We offer worry-free service you can trust and rely on.


Your Local Transmission Experts

Danny’s Transmission Service, in Hamilton, Ontario, proudly services all vehicle makes and models. Bring in your mystery noises, complaints and worries, our team will find a solution to get you back to enjoying your vehicle.

Expert Diagnosis

Our services don’t mean a thing if they aren’t treating the right problem. Danny’s Transmission gets to the root of the problem via our expert transmission diagnosis. Our team will find what is ailing your vehicle and offer the correct service to fix it.

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Danny’s Transmission Service in Hamilton welcomes you to contact us today for a quote on your vehicle. Worry-free service is just a call away!

Services Include:

  • Repairing, Rebuilding or Replacing Transmissions, Differentials, Clutches and 4×4 Systems for Imports and Domestic Vehicles
  • Scan Testing
  • Electrical and Mechanical Diagnosis and Repair
  • Fluid Change Service
  • Transmission (Full Flush)
  • Front and Rear Differential Drain and Fill
  • Transfer Case (All Wheel Drive Unit)
  • Grind Flywheels
  • Driveshaft / U-Joint Repair
  • Wheel Bearings
  • Axles
  • Trans Cooler Installation
  • Cooler Line Replace
  • Fluid Leak Repair
  • Install Used Transmissions and Other Components in your Vehicle



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