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Relied Upon Transmission Service in Hamilton

Transmissions are an integral part of your vehicle’s powertrain. If you suspect any problems with your transmission, call Danny’s Transmission in Hamilton, Ontario for professional diagnostics.

Some Common Indicators of Transmission Problems:

  • If you have a whining sound during acceleration, a puddle of oil under your vehicle (red in colour), and hear a very low growl.
  • There can also be hard shifting, knocking, or clunking.
  • You may also notice a loose shifter or no power on acceleration. Or no power at all.
  • Discolored fluid with a burnt smell to the fluid. 

Peace of Mind When Your Transmission Needs Fixing

If you're worried about the cost to repair your transmission - it’s important to call a professional who can diagnose the problem, fairly and objectively.

Since 1960, Danny’s Transmission has been the choice for transmission repair and service in Hamilton, Ontario. We are the team you can trust when it comes to diagnosing, as well as the team you can rely on to get the job done right!

Call Danny’s

When you’re in a jam, call Danny’s Transmission at 905-525-5323 for fast reliable and honourable service.

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